Ep 511 | Dog Experiments, ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ & Dads Stepping Up | Guest: Jason Whitlock

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We’re covering several stories from the news today, starting off with the revelation that Dr. Fauci facilitated painful experiments on dogs, funded by taxpayer money. While that is awful and deserving of contempt, it’s strange how much people care about this compared to how much people care about experimentation with aborted babies. We also discuss the mainstream media’s complete misunderstanding of the “let’s go Brandon” phenomenon. Then, Jason Whitlock, BlazeTV host of “Fearless with Jason Whitlock,” joins the show to discuss the strange turn of events that has BLM in New York protesting against vaccine mandates, as well as one journalist’s accusation that Condoleezza Rice is a “foot soldier for white supremacy” because of her views on critical race theory. We end things on a positive note, with a story from Louisiana about local dads helping out at a school that had previously seen a record amount of fighting and violence.


(0:00) Intro

(1:13) The National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Disease — led by Dr. Fauci — experimented on dogs & it was taxpayer-funded!?!

(9;50) Is “Let’s go Brandon” vulgar?

(23:38) Interview with Jason Whitlock

(53:39) Outro & goodbye

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Show Links:

Daily Mail: “‘Cruel’ Fauci Is Condemned for Spending $2m on Experiments Which Saw Beagles ‘De-Barked’ and Trapped in Cages so Flies Could Eat Them Alive. Bi-Partisan Fury at ‘Reprehensible Misuse of Taxpayer Funds'”

The Washington Post: “Biden’s Critics Hurl Increasingly Vulgar Taunts”

TheBlaze: “Black Lives Matter Stage Vaccine Mandate Protest at NYC’s Barclays Center to Demand Unvaccinated Kyrie Irving Be Able to Play NBA Games”

The Megyn Kelly Show: Ep 187 | A Wuhan Lab Admission and White House Coordination Against Parents, with Hugh Hewitt, Melissa Francis, Allie Beth Stuckey, and Nicki Neily

Yahoo!: “Condoleezza Rice’s CRT Stance Proves She’s a Foot Soldier for White Supremacy”

TheBlaze: “Whitlock: ‘Dads on Duty’ at a Louisiana High School Show America Needs a MANdate”

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