Ep 513 | Parents: It's Time to Double Down | Guest: Lysa Kosins

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Today we’re talking about our broken public education system and how parents across the country are standing up and saying “enough.” Whether it’s draconian COVID restrictions or critical race theory, parents have seen what’s going on in their kids’ classrooms, and understandably, they aren’t happy. This has the media and progressives very angry, since they want nothing more than unrestricted access to your kids so they can raise a whole generation of good little leftists. This is evident in the Loudoun County case of a young girl who was raped, but the school board completely ignored the issue, and the perpetrator was simply allowed to transfer schools (where he just re-offended). The disdain that the Left has for parents is also seen in a recent Washington Post article that tries to argue that parents’ rights aren’t real and anyone who says otherwise is just a dirty anti-vax MAGA racist. Then, to give us some hope, we welcome Lysa Kosins to the show to discuss why she’s running for the school board in Centerville, Ohio. She’s one of a huge wave of parents across America who are demanding that schools operate to benefit students, not a leftist political agenda.


(0:00) – Intro

(1:22) – Why are concerned parents speaking up in school board meetings being demonized by the Left & the DOJ?

(15:20) – Responding to a new Washington Post op-ed: “Parents Claim They Have the Right to Shape Their Kids’ School Curriculum. They Don’t.”

(27:40) – Interview with Lysa Kosins

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Show Links:

The Daily Wire: “Loudoun County Schools Tried to Conceal Sexual Assault Against Daughter in Bathroom, Father Says”

Fox News: “Loudoun County Father Arrested at School Board Event Says School Tried to Cover Up Daughter’s Bathroom Assault”

The Washington Post: “Parents Claim They Have the Right to Shape Their Kids’ School Curriculum. They Don’t.”

Dayton Daily News; “Centerville School Issues, Board Election Draw Police Attention”

NPR: “School Board Elections Will Be an Early Test of What Issues Motivate Voters”

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