Ep 518 | Just One Jab to Keep Your Job? Think Again | Guest: Steve Deace

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Today we welcome fellow BlazeTV host Steve Deace back to the show. We’re talking COVID, and Deace explains that what governments are doing with COVID policy is still completely removed from data and reason. The people who have committed to the “follow the science” dogma are doing anything but, and have essentially started a religion around the vaccine and wearing masks. This obsession will end up hurting people, as any non-vaccine treatment or preventive measure for COVID is regarded as heresy. We debunk some of the Left’s talking points about the vaccine, as well as some predictions for what the future holds for the states imposing draconian COVID restrictions.

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Show Links:

The Steve Deace Show: OVERTIME: What Can We Learn About the Polio Vaccine Clinical Trials?

TheBlaze: “Howoritz: TN Legislature Bans Vaccine Passports and Protects Doctors Who Speak Out Against Shots”

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