Ep 519 | Major Surprise Guest + Astroworld & SNL Tragedies | Guest: ???

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We start off today with a very special interview with a very well-known guest. We cover several topics, from politics to family to what the future holds. Then, we discuss some trending stories from the weekend, starting with the tragedy that occurred at Astrofest, where several people were trampled by frenzied concert attendees. Then, a comedian on SNL dressed up like a clown to make abortion seem funny for some reason. And cancel culture comes for Chris Pratt once again, and once again it’s for a truly ridiculous reason.


(0:00) Intro

(1:21) Allie’s interview with a surprise guest

(22:50) Tragedy at the Astroworld Festival

(32:27) SNL’s ‘Goober the Clown’ talks about how grateful she is for her abortion

(47:34) Leave Chris Pratt alone!

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