Ep 520 | Vaccine Mandates: Anti-Freedom, Anti-Logic & Anti-Science | Guest: Ben Shapiro

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Today we’re discussing Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate that’s being pushed on workers by OSHA, as well as vaccine mandates in general. To shed some light on the situation, we welcome Ben Shapiro back to the show. Ben’s company, the Daily Wire, is affected by the mandate, but it’s already in full resistance mode, filing lawsuits to hopefully get the mandate overturned. Afterward, we go over some of the data from other countries showing that mask and vaccine mandates have little to no effect on case numbers, and we discuss the situation of Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rogers, who is under fire from the Left for his vaccine status.


(0:00) Intro & update to Biden’s vaccine mandate for companies with 100+ employees

(9:45) Allie’s interview with Ben Shapiro

(30:00) Looking at the data of case numbers in the UK, Sweden, Florida, Oregon

(47:00) COVID-19 vaccines for children 5-11

(57:27) Aaron Rodgers backlash

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Show Links:

Wall Street Journal: “Rising COVID-19 Breakthrough Cases Hinder Efforts to Control Virus”

Google + Ireland + COVID + cases

@ianmSC’s tweet re: Australia lockdowns & case count

Fox News: “Florida Hospital Celebrates Zero COVID Patients For First Time Since 2020”

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