Ep 521 | Yes, Critical Race Theory Is in Schools | Guest: Tony Kinnett

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Today we’re discussing the widespread teaching of critical race theory in schools and all the problems it’s causing for teachers, students, and society in general. To help shed some light on what’s really going on in the education world, we welcome teacher and administrator Tony Kinnett to the show. Kinnett is pushing back against the radical leftist agenda taking over the school system, and the website he started, the Chalkboard Review, aims to publish works by teachers no matter what their political affiliation is. Before we begin the interview, we start with a thorough definition of critical race theory, since the Left loves to claim that the Right doesn’t know what it is.


(0:35) Yes, CRT is showing up in K-12 schools!

(11:00) What is Critical Race Theory?

(24:13) Allie’s interview with Tony Kinnett

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