Ep 529 | Why Bad Ideas Deserve to Be Mocked | Guest: Seth Dillon

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Today we’re talking to Seth Dillon, CEO of the Babylon Bee, the most true and factual website in history. We discuss the role of satire, the new book, “The Babylon Bee Guide to Wokeness,” and how humor is uniquely positioned to counter authoritarianism. The Bee is always getting in trouble with the Left, and while it’s funny to see progressives freak out about obvious satire, there is a more sinister motive; if the Left can get enough people to believe Seth’s website spreads right-wing disinformation, they can more easily de-platform the Bee. We end on a different subject, hashing out some of the differences between Calvinist and Arminian views on predestination.

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“The Babylon Bee Guide to Wokeness”

The Atlantic: “The Christians Who Mock Wokeness for a Living”

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