Ep 533 | RIP, Roe v. Wade

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Today we’re discussing Roe v. Wade and the case the Supreme Court is debating right now that could overturn it. The Left is going crazy over this possibility, but the reality is that abortion won’t be going away if Roe is overturned. But it will allow red states to create their own pro-life laws. We look at some legal analysis of the case, how likely the court is to throw it out, and expert opinions of the consequences of overturning Roe. We also listen to some of the arguments from the justices themselves on both sides of the issue.

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Show Links:

Supreme Court of the United States: Oral Argument, Audio & Transcript: Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health

The New York Times: “Four Times Opinion Writers Debate Abortion at the Supreme Court: ‘My Guess Is They Overturn'”

The New York Times: “The Case Against Abortion”

Wall Street Journal: “John Roberts and the Abortion Precedents”

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