Ep 535 | Are Schools Secretly Vaccinating Kids? | Guest: Bethany Mandel

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Today we’re covering several topics, starting with the story of Lia Thomas, a transgender college swimmer who was a decent athlete as a man, but has been dominating the competition since deciding to identify as a woman. Then, we discuss New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s new vaccine mandate, which would force kids 5-11 to take the COVID vaccine and be prepared to show their papers to participate in society. Lastly, we talk to conservative writer and mother of five Bethany Mandel, editor for the “Heroes of Liberty” children’s book series, which aims to give objective, historical accounts of conservative icons like Ronald Reagan and Thomas Sowell.

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Show Links:

The Washington Times: “Transgender Swimmer Lia Thomas Smashes Women’s Records, Stokes Outrage”

Duke Law: “Comparing Athletic Performances: The Best Elite Women to Boys and Men”

“Heroes of Liberty” book series: (use promo code ‘Allie’ at checkout for a discount!)

Fox News: “California School Offers Boy Pizza to Get Vaccinated, Tells Him Not to ‘Say Anything,’ Mom Says”

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Ep 335: Understanding the Biblical Telos of Gender

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