Ep 543 | How the West Was Lost … and How to Win It Again | Guest: Victor Davis Hanson

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Today, we’re talking to Victor Davis Hanson, a senior fellow with the Hoover Institution. Hanson is also an author, and his latest book, “The Dying Citizen,” examines the Left’s attacks on the middle class, attempts to track America’s problems over the past several years, and explains how they have affected the average citizen. Within the government and other important institutions like universities and media, there are postmodern and progressive thinkers who want to fundamentally change America and the world into a more centralized globalist system. And unfortunately, the cultural divides in our country only make this easier for them. Hanson explains that as Democrats slowly whittle away at the middle class, what they’re essentially doing is returning to a form of feudalism, which supports only a few extremely wealthy lords but a multitude of extremely poor peasants.

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