Ep 544 | Why American COVID Policy Has Failed Us & How to Fix It | Guest: Dr. Bret Weinstein

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Today we’re excited to be talking with Dr. Bret Weinstein, an author, podcaster, and former professor of biology. We cover several topics, starting with wokeness and cancel culture, as Dr. Weinstein explains how his and his wife’s characters were ruthlessly attacked by the Left for supposed racism, which ultimately resulted in his resignation from his teaching position. We move on to progressivism in general and how Dr. Weinstein’s views have changed since that incident. Also, even though he’s still a liberal, we still have lots of common ground on issues like pushing back against the woke mob and government corruption. Lastly, we discuss COVID and the government’s abysmal job of dealing with it. When the government and media are promoting things that don’t work and blocking things that do, something is seriously wrong with your country. And, while the government may not have done a good job of protecting anyone from COVID, it has certainly done an excellent job of exploiting the crisis to gain power.

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