Ep. 696 – They Want Vengeance, Not Justice

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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the media and BLM activists want you to forget that “reasonable doubt” is the standard in the Derek Chauvin trial, and in every other trial. All that matters is whether there is reasonable doubt about Chauvin’s role in Floyd’s death. If there is, he should walk. Is there? We’ll talk about that today. Also Five Headlines including the police chief in DC justifying his decision to be lenient on the two girls who murdered Mohammad Anwar. How would his reasoning apply to the Chauvin case? And scientists look to extend human life by harvesting blood from the young. Plus, white liberals are asked about their stance on voter ID and their responses are incredibly, though expectedly, racist. Finally, in our Daily Cancellation, another member of the View is on the chopping block. I’ll explain why. 

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