Ep. 751 – The Truth About Caitlyn Jenner

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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, Caitlyn Jenner attended CPAC over the weekend, reigniting the debate about whether this person, in any sense, represents conservatism. I give an emphatic no to that question. Also our Five Headlines, including Cubans waving American flags as they protest Communism, Ben Carson upsets a lot of people with an (entirely correct) statement about the black family, and the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus, after releasing a song warning that they are “coming for our children,” have now decided that they are the victims because of the backlash they received. In our Daily Cancellation, we’ll discuss Kamala Harris’s claim that rural Americans don’t have access to photocopiers.


Stress On, Stress Off – #2017-2


Italy celebrates the Euros victory. Richard Branson reaches edge of space on. Marvel's Black Widow is a streaming smash.