Ep. 756 – You Can't Defeat The Left By Surrendering Moral Truth 

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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, a hardcore porn star gets booted from an event for conservative teens, and many conservatives have a problem with this, for a variety of ludicrous reasons. We’ll discuss. Also Five Headlines. Protests once again turn violent at Wi Spa in Los Angeles when Antifa shows up to defend a man’s right to disrobe in the women’s locker room. CNN gets called out live on the air by a CNN guest. And Kamala Harris says it is your biblical duty to get vaccinated. In our Daily Cancellation, we’ll talk about the ever growing, inappropriately named, “child-free” movement.


Gift Giving is Overrated


US accuses China of Microsoft Exchange email hack. More athletes get Covid as Olympics near. Jeff Bezos tells CNN space launch will change him.