Ep. 779 – To Save Our Civilization, Get Married And Have Lots of Babies

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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the US birth rate is collapsing. Our civilization is going extinct. Some may consider this a minor problem, others say it’s actually a good thing. We’ll discuss. Also, Joe Biden finally answers some questions about his Afghanistan evacuation plan and his answers were more unintelligible than usual. He is falling apart before our eyes. Meanwhile, the Left continues to argue that the Taliban in Afghanistan really aren’t any worse than conservatives here in America. This line of argument raises a few questions. And, a doctor in Alabama announces that he will not see any patients who haven’t been vaccinated, while another doctor elsewhere in the country takes a picture of himself crying on the job and posts it to Twitter, to raise awareness about the fact that he’s an attention starved drama queen. 

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August 19th, 2021


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