Ep 78 | The NFL Legend Willing to Take a Hit for American Lives | Herschel Walker | The Glenn Beck Podcast

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The world may know him as a Heisman Trophy-winning NFL star, MMA fighter, and all-around athlete. But the world’s got it wrong: Herschel Walker’s not an athlete. He’s a “competitor.” After growing up a “goofy little kid,” a bully’s beatdown turned his life around in a single summer. He graduated valedictorian, gained fame in football, and was so competitive that he’d play Russian roulette just to challenge death. But after his anger led to a split personality diagnosis, he turned to God and realized “we all fall short of His glory.” Herschel and Glenn discuss the anger that’s destroying our country, how we need real solutions instead of violence, and why Americans must stand up to preserve a free future for all American lives.

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