Ep 802 | UNANIMOUS: A WIN for Religious Liberty in Latest SCOTUS Case | Guest: Amy Robbins & Jeremy Dys

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The Supreme Court has ruled in favor of a Catholic foster care agency that did not want to work with same-sex couples in a unanimous ruling. How did that happen? The justices also voted to uphold the Affordable Care Act. And what will future lawsuits look like for vaccine passports as more and more businesses and schools are want to force people to get vaccinated? Missouri Gov. Mike Parson made his state a sanctuary from federal gun laws, and the Biden administration is not too thrilled. Hunter Biden has said yet ANOTHER derogatory term, this time regarding Asians. Have you heard any word of that from mainstream media? NOPE! And lastly, Victoria’s Secret says goodbye to the “Angels” and is replacing them with … Megan Rapinoe.

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