Ep 817 | 'GET OVER IT': Fauci's Advice for the Unvaccinated | Guests: James O'Keefe, Maj Toure, & Julio Rosas

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In an interview on MSNBC, Dr. Fauci tells the unvaccinated to “get over it” and get the vaccine, making it seem that people are making their decision to get the vaccine solely on their political beliefs. President Biden announced that the war in Afghanistan will end by August 31, but as he was sharing why we went to Afghanistan in the first place, his brain FROZE. The White House has brokered a deal that all the buyers who bought Hunter Biden’s art will remain anonymous. But is that ethical? And lastly, the U.S. Navy warns of the dangers of misgendering, saying naval officers can “use [the] facility that corresponds to their gender identity.”

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