Ep 820 | WHAT? U.N. Plans to AUDIT America, Tell Us How EVIL We Are | Guest: Andrew Heaton

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The U.N. plans to form a panel to investigate “systemic racism” in America. But still no word on its plans to investigate China’s crimes against humanity. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas warns Cubans to “NOT enter the United States” via sea voyage. Former President George W. Bush says we made a mistake withdrawing troops from Afghanistan. With inflation skyrocketing, Democrats have a big plan to solve the issue by … spending another $3.5 trillion. Meanwhile, 1.8 million Americans admitted that they turned down jobs because of the unemployment benefits they were getting. And lastly, Jackie Chan says he wants to join the Chinese Communist Party. Quite a big change from his days supporting of Hong Kong in the 1980s. Why the change?

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