Ep. 842 – More Outrage Theater From Democrats

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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, Democrats spend a day in Congress censuring and condemning a Republican for posting an offensive cartoon meme on his social media page. AOC says that anyone who doesn’t share in their outrage is a “nihilist.” But who are the real nihilists here? Also, the Daily Wire scores a major victory as OSHA suspends the Biden vaxx mandate. And huge, record numbers of people are dying of drug overdoses. Why is it happening? What’s going on? Plus, an MSNBC host warns us about the scourge of “white tears.” What does that mean? Besides that she’s racist. And a doctor says that he still can’t take his three year old to the grocery store because it would be “risking her life.” How can people, especially doctors, still be that deluded. 

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