Ep 854 | WHICH ONE? Biden Takes CREDIT for Withdrawal, Also BLAMES Trump | Guest: Caleb Bonham

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President Biden addressed the nation giving himself props for how well the withdrawal process from Afghanistan was, calling it an “extraordinary success.” Were we watching the same withdrawal? Pentagon spokesman John Kirby says that Americans get “stranded” all the time in countries. But just last week Jen Psaki said not to use the word “stranded” because any American who wants out of Afghanistan can get out. Not true! Australia has given up on its “covid zero” policy. Showing where Biden’s priorities lie, the president has already canceled over $9 BILLION in student loan debt. And lastly, China is now limiting video games for children to three hours per week.

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Ep 854 | WHICH ONE? Biden Takes CREDIT for Withdrawal, Also BLAMES Trump | Guest: Caleb Bonham


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