Ep 865 | Jen Psaki: Antibodies for the Left & Vaccines for the Right?

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White House press secretary Jen Psaki was challenged by the media because it looks like the government is restricting antibody treatment for red states. Press secretary Psaki claims “that’s not accurate,” but also says the administration does not have an unlimited supply of the antibody treatments. So which one is it, Psaki? Nicki Minaj goes to social media and compares America to communist China when it comes to questioning the vaccine and vaccine mandates. Fans of the rapper took to the streets and started to protest outside the CDC headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. Are people starting to wake up? Pfizer is recalling Chantix due to high levels of carcinogens in the pills. Sen. Ted Cruz visits the border and UNLOADS on the Biden administration for creating a crisis at the southern border. According to Sen. Cruz, 10,503 illegal aliens came to the border after this administration decided to cancel deportation flights back to Haiti. Where’s the MSM, and why aren’t they covering this more?

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