Ep 87 | 'I'm Voting for Trump Because He's Keeping the Barbarians at the Gate' | Dave Rubin | The Glenn Beck Podcast

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In the 2016 presidential election, Dave Rubin voted for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson. He said he wasn’t sold on Trump, was worried about his chaos, and the unknown of how he would govern. Absolutely no one could have predicted any of the insanity that the future has brought — and the war the Woke Left would wage on our freedoms. The last month alone has had more plot twists than a cocaine-fueled Stephen King novel. Four years later, Dave’s pulling the lever for Trump without hesitation. He tells Glenn about his evolution from “Trump isn’t for me” to “Trump HAS to win to get our freedoms back.” They also discuss why more liberals are becoming conservative, tyrannical overreach on COVID-19 lockdowns, and Kamala Harris’ fake laugh. It’s the last episode of The Glenn Beck Podcast before the election, so naturally Dave and Glenn find a way to make a Star Wars analogy. Dave says the Trump-hating Left have got it all backward. “They aren’t the Resistance! WE are the Resistance!” 

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