Ep 883 | Jail DENYING Rights to Jan. 6 Detainees? Judge Wants the FACTS | Guests: Chad Prather & Jason Buttrill

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A federal judge is challenging the Left’s “guilty until proven guilty” treatment of Americans detained after the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. But will the facts ever be allowed to come out? BlazeTV host and Texas gubernatorial candidate Chad Prather gives his take on Gov. Greg Abbott’s vaccine mandate ban. WH press secretary Jen Psaki said the quiet part out loud and admitted President Biden wants to “fundamentally change” our economy. Leaked Border Patrol documents reveal just how many illegal immigrants the Biden administration has released into the country amid rumors of “the mother of all caravans.” Dr. Fauci is now admitting that COVID-19 may never go away … so are we also in for a “forever pandemic?” A kid has a message for President … Brandon. 

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