Ep 891 | WHAT!? Did Fauci REALLY Fund Cruel Experiments on DOGS? | Guests: Elijah Schaffer & Chad Prather

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Lawmakers want answers from Dr. Fauci after a report came out that revealed taxpayers helped to fund cruel experiments on dogs involving trapping their heads in cages. Will this be the final straw that gets him fired? CDC Director Rochelle Walensky says that they have an “education and counseling” plan for anyone who refuses to take the vaccine. More details emerge about the Alec Baldwin prop gun shooting, but it only leaves more questions than answers. And lastly, the Anti-Defamation League has an opinion on how your children should dress for Halloween.

Disclaimer: The content of this episode does not provide medical advice. Please seek the advice of local health officials for any COVID-19 and/or COVID vaccine related questions & concerns.

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