Ep 894 | Dems Cut $3.5T. Spending Plan In HALF, BUT Does It MATTER? | Guests: Pat Gray & Stu Burguiere

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President Biden announced an update to his “Build Back Better” spending plan, lowering the amount from $3.5 trillion to $1.75 trillion. So what’s in this new plan? And first there was a toilet paper shortage, and now a toilet paper manufacturer is increasing prices for a second time this year. A California school board president had a hot mic moment after saying “f**** you” to a parent who was pushing back on vaccine and mask requirements for children in school. And lastly, a new Twix ad focuses on a transgender child, but not a single Twix is scene in the ad. So what’s the purpose of the ad?

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Ep 894 | Dems Cut $3.5T Spending Plan in HALF, BUT Does It MATTER? | Guests: Pat Gray & Stu Burguiere


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