Ep 902 | Creepy Bill de Blasio Wants to PAY YOUR KIDS to Get VAXXED | Guests: Arielle Scarcella, Elijah Schaffer & Jorge Ventura

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NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio says children 5 to 11 will more than likely need to show proof of vaccine eventually. And to incentivize these young kids, he’ll give them $100! What are elementary students going to do with $100?! The White House administration says to ignore the federal court ruling on the vaccine mandate. And the man Kyle Rittenhouse shot actually admits that he pointed his gun at Rittenhouse first. Kids at a school in Virginia were given a survey asking them how often they have sex, which is yet another reason to pull your kids out of public school. And lastly, a writer for Slate now says that “woke” is a racial slur.

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