Ep 924 | MASKS ARE BACK: Indoor Mask Mandates Are BACK Even For VAXXED

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California announced that due to the Omicron variant, indoor mask mandates are back — regardless of vaccination status. And the media is not helping with the hysteria, as CNN’s Jake Tapper asked Sen. Amy Klobuchar how she felt about Sen. Ted Cruz sitting next to her without a mask. The only problem was that Jake Tapper asked her this question while HE was maskless. Rep. Liz Cheney read texts from Fox News hosts and Donald Trump Jr. regarding Jan. 6 that asked former President Trump to send a message to discourage rioting. So how are the riots the fault of Fox News hosts? And is there going to be a Clinton 2024 run? Please, no! And lastly, a teachers’ union in New Hampshire is suing over a bill that is anti-critical race theory.

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