Ep. 983 – My Argument With JK Rowling 

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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, a pop singer lasts about half a week after provocatively declaring that women are females. Her cave and surrender were pathetic and embarrassing and inevitable. Today we’re going to talk about why cowards like this are the real villains. Also, as the Biden Administration tries to recover from Biden’s Ron Burgundy moment, the contents of Hunter Biden’s iCloud are allegedly leaked on 4Chan. A female soldier openly questions her loyalty to her country after Roe is overturned. After years of bragging about all of its women priests and bishops, the Church of England now says that the word woman has no definition. And in our daily cancellation, the mainstream media finally acknowledged What Is A Woman while I was away on vacation. The resulting hit piece is even more disingenuous and ridiculous than you expect. 

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