Episode 304: Remembering Rush

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Today on The Editors, Rich, Charlie, Michael, and Maddy discuss the legacy of Rush Limbaugh, the current McConnell/Trump fight, winter weather overtaking Texas, and the trans athletes debate. 

Editors’ picks:
• Rich: Tobias Hoonhout and Ryan Mills
• Charlie: Jim Geraghty’s February 18th Jolt
• MBD: Andrew Stuttaford’s February 18th Capital Note
• Maddy: Ramesh Ponnuru’s magazine piece “Making Allowances

Light items:
• Rich: Pringles
• Charlie: Working from the beach
• MBD: Smuggling
• Maddy: Atomic Habits by

The Editors is hosted by Rich Lowry and produced by Sarah Colleen Schutte.


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