Episode 354: The Mother of All Reconciliation Bills

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Today on The Editors, Rich, Charlie, Alexandra, and Jim discuss the behemoth reconciliation bill, the IPCC’s alarmist climate-change nonsense, and Cuomo’s downward spiral. 

Editors’ picks:
• Rich: Dan McLaughlin’s post “The Colorado Rockies Dinger Affair and the Racism Deficit
• Charlie: Dan McLaughlin’s piece “The Radical Ruling against Ron DeSantis on Cruise-Ship Vaccine Passports
• Alexandra: David Harsanyi’s piece “After GOP Surrender on Infrastructure, McConnell Should Hold Reconciliation Bill Hostage
• Jim: Charlie’s piece “Presidents Cannot Engage in Official ‘Acts of Civil Disobedience’

Light items:
• Rich: The length of baseball games
• Charlie: An ode to a beloved pair of flip-flops
• Alexandra: Learning to kayak
• Jim: The National Portrait Gallery

Boll & Branch

The Editors is hosted by Rich Lowry and produced by Sarah Colleen Schutte.


US Senate to vote on $1 trillion infrastructure bill. Softbank pulls back from China. Lionel Messi arrives in Paris.


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