Escaping 'The Cave' and Solving the American Crisis of Conformity—LIVE from Dream City Church

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On this Sunday episode of The Charlie Kirk Show, Charlie gives remarks from a rapidly growing & expanding Freedom Square event in Phoenix, Arizona where members of the community gather each month and discuss the need for organized, local action to effect change in their schools and local governments. He walks through the real-world impact that they’ve had as a direct result of these events—including keeping Critical Race Theory out of schools and securing elections, before going in to an important conversation about the dangers of groupthink and how something called ‘The Asch Conformity Experiment’ has has stunning insight into the science of what causes human beings to think and behave like lemmings. Finally, Charlie leans on the ancient wisdom of Plato to encourage Americans to break free of those conformist chains and see the light and truth that coincide with liberation.

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