EUGENICS! HITLER GOT HIS IDEAS FROM THE US DEFENSE DEPARTMENT! With world renowned nuclear-cardiologist Dr. Richard Fleming, M.D., Phd., JD – #740

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Savage speaks with world renowned nuclear-cardiologist Dr. Richard Fleming about his new book Are We the Next Endangered Species?: Bioweapons, Eugenics, and More. Fleming unravels the complex web of historical events, misinformation, and the dire convergence of bioweapons and eugenics. They dig into the startling history of eugenics and the ominous future that awaits mankind in this must-listen episode. How serious is the threat of biowarfare? Fleming reveals the damning links between the federal government and gain-of-function research and the attempts to cover it up. Who is behind the current research into bioweaponry? Learn how Fauci LIED to Congress and the American people. Learn how U.S. eugenics programs served as models for Hitler’s genocide. Find out why Fleming and others are at the forefront of a medical and scientific resistance challenging the status quo and bringing truth to the public!

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