Ex-CIA Analyst: Benghazi Terrorists Who Killed Americans Could Easily Enter the U.S.

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Former CIA analyst Sarah Adams joins Sara to discuss her work in Pakistan, Libya, and elsewhere during the war on terrorism. Adams is also the co-author of “Benghazi: Know Thy Enemy,” and takes us inside the terrorist attack on our consulate in Benghazi on September 11, 2012. Adams offers new details on how U.S. forces were ordered to stand down while the attack was underway and how many of the terrorists responsible for killing four Americans are not only free but the U.S. government isn’t even trying to find them or putting them on any terror watch list. She also reveals how President Obama ignored the ISIS threat at the time and refused to read reports on the subject. Adams also fears terrorist networks are quickly reforming in Afghanistan and will soon be more dangerous than ever before.

Sara also tells us about her recent trip to Mexico and finds it very odd that Democrats are ready to go all-in on Joe Biden in 2024.

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