EXCLUSIVE: Bukele Rescued El Salvador, Can That Happen in the U.S. Too?

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Sara is back from El Salvador, where she attended the inauguration of a president who dramatically improved the lives of his people within just a few years. Can that be done in the U.S. too?

Nayib Bukele was elected in 2019 and inherited one of the most crime-ridden nations on earth. The country was overrun by ruthless gangs who drove the homicide rate into the stratosphere.

Bukele promptly rounded up nearly 80,000 murderers, violent gang members, and other hardened criminals. Now, just a few years later, El Salvador boasts the second-lowest homicide rate in the Western Hemisphere – even lower than the U.S.

Sara was invited for Bukele’s second inauguration last week and she’s here to share all the details – from the beautiful land and people to nibbling on sushi with Bukele and talking with him one-on-one after the inauguration.

Could a turnaround like that happen in a far bigger country like ours? Could a new president fix much of our border lawlessness in just a few years? How about rampant crime in our big cities and the fentanyl epidemic that afflicts us from coast to coast? Is it possible to restore respect for the U.S. on the world stage within just a few years?

Sara addresses all of that and much more, including the biggest threat to El Salvador and many other nations – the infiltration of Chinese money and influence.
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Time Stamps:
0:05 I just got back from El Salvador
2:29 He loves his country and his faith
7:39 Soros isn’t welcome in El Salvador
10:52 El Salvador used to be extremely dangerous
11:37 Chicago Teens Attack Couple
14:41 The inauguration day
16:35 Why Bukele is special
19:34 Coffee farm
22:15 Biden has even noticed his success
26:55 Bukele has stopped out-migration
29:56 Meeting privately with Bukele
37:19 What about America?
39:32 China’s massive library

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