EXPLOSIVE Arizona Audit Update + the Human Toll of a Politicized FBI

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Before airing the full, uninterrupted, uncensored, and unedited Arizona State Senate hearing on the Maricopa County Audit so you can hear for yourself exactly what happened during the 2020 election, in a state where Joe Biden supposedly “won” by less than 11,000 votes, Charlie gives his take on an infuriating story involving the FBI, Donald Trump, Larry Nassar and the US Women’s Gymnastics Team. Unpacking the timeline of Nassar’s abuse, Charlie highlights the incompetence and corruption of the FBI as they chose to pursue a baseless and potentially illegal investigation of Donald Trump instead of protecting underage girls. All of that, PLUS—further updates on the bombshell voter fraud story out of Fulton County, Georgia that are as important to understand as the latest developments from Maricopa County, Arizona. From coast to coast, the truth is coming out. Get all the facts you need and share this episode with everyone you know so that we can all get to the bottom of what happened last November 3rd.

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