EXPOSED: The Radical Teachers Turning Kids Into Marxist Revolutionaries

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With the chaos unfolding overseas, it may be easy to forget that Americans have serious issues that need tackling stateside—especially so, considering the coming yet unwelcome influx of new Afghan neighbors. And as is the case with most terminal threats, they take shape in our nation’s classrooms. Charlie walks through three of the most pressing examples for why our education system needs to be completely uprooted—including a teacher who wants students to pledge allegiance to a “Pride” Flag, a union head hellbent on indoctrination instead of education, and—most concerning of them all—a teacher exposed by the team at Project Veritas whose radicalism you’ll have to hear for yourself to believe. And though each of these examples come from California, don’t think they’re less than micro instances of a much larger Marxist trend. Thankfully, Charlie ends the episode on a positive note that should give every parent hope and, more importantly, the will to go into battle and keep the pressure on in the fight for America’s future. 

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