Exposing Critical Racism Tour—LIVE from University of Michigan

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Charlie visits Ann Arbor, MI, home of University of Michigan for the first stop in Turning Point USA’s “Exposing Critical Racism Tour.” Charlie levels six real world examples of how CRT is being implemented in American industry and institutions in ways that will fundamentally damage the entire society if adopted by the majority.  Charlie contrasts true American ideals passed down by the Founding Fathers and kept alive by every generation of Americans up until today, with the ideas of CRT, which believes this country was establish and founded on racism by racist white men. Charlie dismantles these notions and explains why it’s impossible, with an honest reading of history, to believe that America is as simplistically evil as “they” want you to believe. Charlie then takes questions from students in attendance, where no topic is off limits.

Visits to come to the next stop in the tour.  

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