Exposing Klaus Schwab and Defeating Davos with Steven K. Bannon

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On this very special Saturday episode of The Charlie Kirk Show, two speeches—first from Charlie, the second from Bannon—LIVE on stage from Turning Point’s ‘Defeating the Great Reset’ summit in Phoenix, Arizona. Charlie kicks off the conference with an overview of the Davos 2030 Agenda, a primer on Real-Life Bond Villain Klaus Schwab who heads the WEF, and a rallying cry to protect American values before teeing the audience up for an absolute barnburner of a speech from Steve Bannon that you’ll want to listen to in it’s entirety. If you’re not ready to run through a brick wall after this one-two punch against globalism, listen to it again and reassess the current state of human civilization if we do nothing to stop the megalomaniac’s globalist agenda. 

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