Fascism On The Forefront | 07-16-2021

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Big Tech and the Biden Administration are working together with hopes of censoring what they deem misinformation. The key here is what THEY deem is misinformation. Bernie and Sid get into the latest on that issue plus, Eric Adams crowns himself mayor months ahead of the election, the Yankees has a COVID outbreak, Andrew Cuomo will speak to the AG tomorrow about his sexual assault allegations, Randi Weingarten pushing a book for 4-year-olds that paints law enforcement as the enemy, actress Megan Fox stands be her statements that former President Trump is a legend, and Rudy Giuliani and Bill de Blasio beef over de Blasio not adding more cops to the NYPD. Speaking of Rudy, he joins the program to talk about those comments from de Blasio and his sons run for Governor of New York. Tony Orlando and Lauren Conlin also stop by for some entertaining talk about entertainment.


July 16, 2021


July 16, 2021: Part 3