FBI Whistleblower: Why I Had to Expose the Political Agenda of Our Two-Tiered Bureau

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Do you believe the FBI is doing its job objectively and honestly? Do you believe its leaders faithfully follow the evidence or are they pursuing a political agenda? In recent years, Americans’ trust in the FBI has been in serious decline. How did this happen?

Today, Sara welcomes former FBI Special Agent Nicole Parker, who recently resigned from the bureau to alert the public to the political agenda that is permeating the culture there.

Weaving in specific examples from her own experience and how she saw the FBI approaching many issues in a politically charged manner, Parker gives us an in-depth look at what’s happening inside one of the most powerful entities in our federal government and how we can fix it.

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Time Stamps:
0:05 Are you concerned about the FBI?
4:58 Nicole Parker joins the Sara Carter Show
7:17 Things changed at the FBI
9:58 The Russian Collusion Hoax
11:38 The FBI and January 6th
14:30 I knew I had to leave
18:06 2 FBIs
21:25 The DOJ was never held accountable
23:06 FBI morale is low
25:56 They are attacking Trump
27:55 Can we gut the FBI?
31:45 I lost my best friend in the FBI
39:35 Foreign terrorists coming across the border
41:27 Where to follow Nicole
42:03 Show close



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