FBI’s Hunter Warning, and Climate Hysteria, with Michael Shellenberger, Emily Jashinsky, and Eliana Johnson | Ep. 381

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Megyn Kelly is joined by Michael Shellenberger, Substack journalist and and author of “San Fransicko,” to talk about the cost of California banning new gas car sales, the dangerous climate hysteria and nihilism of the moment, the madness of climate consequences that mean we will rely on China more, solutions to our energy crisis, Trump correctly diagnosing Europe’s overreliance on Russian oil, the significance of the perilous crisis of the Dutch farmers, and more. Then Emily Jashinsky, The Federalist culture editor, and Eliana Johnson, editor of the Free Beacon, join to discuss what if anything we learned from the Trump raid affidavit release, if the Trump raid is Russiagate 2.0, what we learned from Mark Zuckerberg about the FBI and the Hunter Biden laptop story, Biden’s attempts to rebrand the GOP as “semi-fascists,” over-the-top political rhetoric on all sides, Ben Shapiro’s presence being “harmful” at a podcast conference, Meghan Markle’s new cover profile, and more.

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