Fentanyl Is a ‘Weapon of Mass Destruction’ China & the Cartels Use to Kill Us

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Sara welcomes Virginia Kreiger to discuss the tidal wave of deadly fentanyl poison entering our country courtesy of China and the Mexican drug cartels. Krieger lost her daughter, Tiffany, to fentanyl poisoning and is now a leading voice in alerting parents, children, and the government to this threat. She is also the co-founder of the ‘Lost Voices of Fentanyl’ Facebook page, where family members of thousands of victims gather to console and encourage one another and stay resolved to confront this nightmare in our neighborhoods.

Sara and Virginia discuss how maddeningly little our government is doing to understand the problem or keep tabs on those still alive after fentanyl poisoning. They also discuss why China and the cartels would now rather kill Americans than get them addicted.

In addition, Sara offers her personal insights into why the Army is falling drastically short of its recruiting goals and the growing concern over border agents contemplating suicide.

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