Fighting Fear With Fiction: A Veteran’s New Novel on the Challenges of Life After Service

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American warriors are struggling. Homeless camps, mental hospitals, and lonely homes across America are filled with American heroes struggling to cope with life after serving our great nation. And nearly 6,400 veterans committed suicide in 2021 alone. If our nation wants to protect those who have protected us, this tragedy must be confronted head-first.

On today’s show, Sara is joined by U.S. Marine Corps veteran John J. Waters to discuss his new novel “River City One.” While a work of fiction, “River City One” draws on real life and depicts the reality many veterans face after returning to civilian status and their challenging journey to acceptance. Seeing so many friends struggle with the horrors of war and re-entry into the civilian world has affected Waters greatly.

As the wife of a permanently blinded veteran, Sara knows all about living with the consequences of war every day. Don’t miss this open and honest conversation about our veterans and the best way to help them.

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Time Stamps:
0:05 Returning home
5:38 Their sacrifice has protected us
8:50 John Waters Joins the Show
13:39 John’s service
19:15 A WW2 Veteran
22:48 Sacrifice
23:32 Can a soldier ever go home?
29:02 Research for the book
31:17 Giving a voice
36:25 Advice + Where to get the book
38:59 Show Close



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