Fireside Chat Ep. 132 — “Until It’s Safe” Means Never

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The fear of pain may hold you back from a joyous life. And so Dennis’s advice of the week is: Don’t take unnecessary risks, but also do not let fear, safety, or mortality completely preoccupy you. “Playing it safe” leads to its own undesired consequences—and pain is a part of life. You can’t escape it!

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0:00 The Word “Safe”
1:17 Don’t Take Unnecessary Risks
3:00 Don’t Let Death Preoccupy You
4:42 The First Time Dennis Conducted
7:36 If You Play It Safe
8:44 The Word “Safe” On Campuses
9:30 No Rape Culture On College Campuses
11:08 Don’t Let “Safe” Take Your Joy
12:42 Dennis Was Sent To The Soviet Union
15:33 Otto’s Boredom
15:52 The WWII Generation And Safety
17:01 Nothing Is Perfectly Safe
19:19 Blame Capitalism For Economic Hurt?
21:32 Arrogance In Dismissing This Solution
22:06 Government Does Not Produce Wealth
22:32 Economic Recovery
24:08 Choosing To Disobey The Law
27:01 Covid-19 Effects On Marriage
29:29 “Until It’s Safe” Means Never

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