Fireside Chat Ep. 139 — A Conflict of Civilizations

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This is what happens when society enters an anti-religious and anti-rational age. Hysteria. On race, this should be the ideal: We are all American, living in a melting pot of racial integration. The left encourages just the opposite: segregation. Enjoy Dennis’s thoughts on these weighty issues.

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0:00 Welcome Every Week
1:48 This Episode Is Sponsored By Thinkr
3:05 First Thing We See Shouldn’t Be Race
4:59 God Doesn’t Care About Color
5:52 Racial Integration, Not Segregation
7:14 Conflict Of Civilizations
8:41 All Whites Are Racist?
10:32 Every Society Had Slavery
13:06 More Black Immigrants Than Slaves
15:18 Victim Mentality Vs. Happiness
19:12 “There Are Only Two Races…”
21:11 Abolish All Confederate Symbols?
23:24 Judging The Past By Today’s Standards
25:45 Agree With Our Politics Or Get Fired?
29:19 The Purpose Of Life

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