Fireside Chat Ep. 154 — A Society in Decline?

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2020’s first Presidential debate showcased a striking departure in civility and sophistication. Is it a mirror of our society at large? Our modern culture does appear to confirm it: society is in decline.

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0:00 Welcome To The Fireside Chat
0:55 Quick Debate Thoughts
2:00 The Acceptance Of Public Cursing
3:01 Public Vs. Private
4:26 Signs Of The Decline: Prayer In School
7:30 Signs Of The Decline: Late Night TV
9:11 Signs Of The Decline: Sports & Music
11:09 Our Culture’s Increasing Degradation
13:06 Free Speech Online & At Universities
17:01 Should We Form Our Own Social Media?
18:56 Dennis Lived His High School Dreams
20:42 Comparing Seat Belts To Wearing Masks
25:55 Moral Opposition To The Lockdown
27:48 Comparing Ruined Livelihoods To Lives?

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