Fireside Chat Ep. 158 — Courage in the Face of a Mob

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Many Americans don’t agree with the positions of the left, but they are afraid to be honest when confronted with questions. It’s a very new, and very troubling problem in modern America — and Dennis offers his advice.

Dennis’s column mentioned:

0:00 Otto Is Pure Relaxation
1:40 The Rarest Human Trait
3:08 Children And Marriage Take Courage
5:06 Anti-Courage Society
7:07 The Fear Of Being Shunned
13:07 The Fear Of Lower Grades
16:38 How To Be Courageous
18:19 The Price For Courage
21:08 The Reward For Courage
22:36 Think About What Takes Courage
24:47 Public Schools Aren’t Teaching Reason
30:21 “Do Not Fear”


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