Fireside Chat Ep. 166 — Why This Jew Loves Christmas

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Christmas songs, trees, parties, traditions, presents—it’s such a wholesome, warm & joyous time, and everyone should get to experience that feeling this season. It’s important! Dennis explains why.

0:00 Special Christmas Episode
2:36 Offended By Merry Christmas?
8:16 Why Is Christmas “Consumerism” Bad?
8:58 Fear The Death Of Christianity
11:02 Dennis’s Favorite Christmas Songs
13:06 What Does Dennis Do With Fruitcake?
14:57 Risk Gathering For Christmas?
18:55 Rekindling The Spirit Of Christmas
20:07 Labeling “Black-Owned” Businesses
21:55 Protecting Your Child’s Innocence
24:59 Feminist Rights Contradict Trans Rights
29:24 Moral Obligation To Be Happy

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