Fireside Chat Ep. 180 — Is There a Moral Case for the Death Penalty?

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Candlelight vigils are held for the most brutal murderers—attended by people opposed to the death penalty. But have they ever held a vigil for the murdered innocent? Dennis examines the moral arguments both in favor of and against the death penalty in this week’s Fireside Chat.

Dennis’s column this week:

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0:00 Welcome With Otto!
1:10 Death Row: Should All Murderers Live?
6:09 Adolf Eichmann Execution In Israel
7:49 Think A Second Time
11:05 Addressing Moral Arguments
16:36 Dennis Spent The Day With Murderers
19:03 Is It Better To Have A Smart Dog?
20:41 Dennis’s Embarrassing Basketball Story
28:36 The Secular Have No Passion?
32:22 Snoopy’s Rejection Of Dennis


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